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  • June 15, 2010: New release is out r-738. After so long it seems to be updated quite a bit.
  • March 16th: I have hit a brick wall with D64. When I compile D64 it comes up with the usual warnings. But, when I go to execute the program it starts up and as soon as I want to play the games it exits. Hopefully I get this bug fixed soon.
  • January 20th: It has been a while since the last release but I took a break from Doom64 Ex for a while. But now I'm back nd the latest SVN build will be up soon.
  • December 7th: I have uploaded the new SVN builds r-610 go download it now!
  • November 28th: I have decided to release the GCC builds as an installer. Next release I will remove the .zip and the self extracting archives and just keep the .7z and the new NSIS installer.
  • November 25th: I realise that the Doom 64 Ex SVN is up to r-609. But I will not release it as a build because, it doesn't affect the gameplay much if at all. I have also edited the main wiki page so that all news is now posted here.
  • November 14th: Uploaded Doom 64 EX r-608 and its sources.
  • November 13th: Built SVN revision 608
  • November 11th: Uploaded Doom 64 Ex r-607 (GCC) and sources.
  • November 10th: Updated to SVN revision 607. Compiled without errors.
  • November 5th: Updating to revision 606 and kaiser set a pre proseccor directive to make D64Ex compile without the need USFLIB.
  • November 4th: Still no word on USFLIB. Have updated to revision 603, no word on USFLIB might have to try another way of compiling it.
  • November 3rd: Having some trouble with a co-project bundles with D64Ex called USFLIB, have asked kaiser to upload a pre-compiled version.
  • November 1st: Have started work on building D64Ex with MinGW

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